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>> you just got to love those vintage campaign ads. that's one from president eisenhower 1956, more than half century ago. really, you know, not much that changed since then, at least according to governor romney. women are still thinking about a lot of important things, like how fast they can get out of office and back into the kitchen to cook for the families. >> if you're going to have women in the work force sometimes they need to be more flexion i'll. my chief of staff had two kids still in school. she said i can't be here until 7:00 or 8:00 at night. i need to get home to be there for making dinner for my kids. >> well, even though he seemed to say that the most important thing to working women is how quickly they can get home to cook romney claimed that he sought qualified women to work for him. >> i went to my staff and i said how come all the people for the jobs are all men.
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they said they have the qualifications. i said gop, can't we find some women to are qualified. i went to women's groups and said can you find folks. they brought us whole binders full of women. >> binders full of women. it was the quote that launched a thousand tweets. behind the awkward sort of wording is a complete lack of specifics. he still has not said whether he supports the lily led better equal pay act. you'll remember this answer from his campaign. >> something governor romney support the lily ledbetter act. >> we'll get back to you on that. >> contradict. well, it's october and we are still waiting. last night actually, senior advisor ed gill recipe told the
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huffing to know post that mitt romney would not have signed the act into law but today oops, he did an about face and pulled the classic mitt romney flip-flop and said: >> he never weighed in on it. he's just a blank canvas waiting for you to guess what he'll think and do. that lack of specifics might be hurting him with women who thought the president won last night. 56% of women in swing states felt that the president won compared to 34% who said romney did. earlier this week, there was a gallop poll suggesting the president's lead disappeared. maybe last night brought it back. both candidates on the campaign trail seemed to angle for the
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women vote. the president stood in front of a virtual wall of women and made his pitch. >> we should make sure all our young people, daughters as well as our sons are thriving in these fields. we don't have to collect a bunch of binders to find qualified talent of driven young women ready to learn and teach in these fields right now. when young women graduate, they should get equal pay for equal work. that should be a simple question to answer. >> i love it! the romney campaign in the meantime brought out its big gun, gop heavyweight and noted woman condoleezza rice. we can't afford to be a country in which so many women and especially so many women in these hard economic times don't know if they will ever work again. >> no mention of the fact that it was her former boss who's
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policies got us into this mess in the first place. joining me now is erin carmone and kelly gough. thank you baltimore coming inside the war room. >> great to be here. >> it's a chicks in charge table. >> and not a binder in sight. >> we were going to bring in a stack of binders. >> full of men? >> it's raining men. we're going to put binders full of lies, but we decided that we would instead talk to you all and find out what you thought of the debate tonight. the binder comment let's start with that. is that going to be something that is heard more than one day following the debate. >> what i find fascinating is the substance of his remarks even though he never talked about what he would do with the wage gab and strong economy widens the wage gap because men's wages tend to rise faster.
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some of the things he is saying is not that bad. it's important to recruit women into your organization. affirmative action sounds great to me. he was talking about flexible hours which should matter to women and men. he sounded so condescending. he was reciting things that were sort of told to him to sound sensitive. the reason he sounds distant and confused about women is because he is. >> he is strange and confused about women. >> i think he's used to delegating the women's stuff to ann. the reason he was so proactive as massachusetts governor, it dogged him on the campaign trail that he is insensitive to women. >> i often wonder, i was saying this to a group today. we for women add least i have an antenna out for this. when he goes out of his way to try to get women into his cabinet, you should be
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applauding that, right? but it is exactly the way it was said that caused my meter to go off. >> and that turned out not to be true. >> right! he didn't go out and recruit it, just so that everybody knows. he didn't recruit the binders. the binders were brought oh to him. >> can i tell you what i love about that moment. first debate, we were completely ignored. second debate one question rolled into the religion with abortion but still not talking about us. it was great to see them finally talking about about us and fighting for our votes finally. that was refreshing. i saw this as a missed opportunity. the moment he opened his mouth and started saying these binders full of women i talked about nine questions we'd actually like to hear them talk about that you'll never hear asked and a couple were about divorcety
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how many friends of a different race do you have. when you start asking people questions like how many which your advisors, mentors have been of a different gender, a different race. if the person's never thought about it and having to farm that out, can you bring me someone with a diverse perspective that tells me about their world view and policies. >> you are right on the money. if you are not exposed to a diverse range of people, you're going to have one type of thought in your narrow experience and that is the biggest argument for affirmative action. do you think the president got his mojo back with women last night, helped to close the gender gap again. >> i know it does. governor romney told use it does. when we moved on to immigration he was like i want to clarify that he got my contraception
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stance completely wrong. governor romney kept pushing back to clarify women's issues says he was concerned. he wasn't have gone a good moment after the lily ledbetter question. he finally started gain, women voters. that while the president has a male problem it's not as bad as governor romney's problem with women. the governor cannot win the election if the present stance with women holds. that's why he was having a panic attack last night. >> the number one issue for swing state women is actually choice, the question of choice, followed by jobs, health care and the economy. in contrast, men see jobs as the number one issue. i would think women would see jobs as the number one issue too. >> it's important the to point out that the penalty said that
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health care is an economic issue. so is contraception, so is access to abortion. these are all things that affect our ability to participate in the work force alongside men on the terms that we choose. the fact that president obama when asked about the wage gap women's in the work force, one for the reasons kelly says. in fact, romney is running an ad pretending to be a moderate on these issues after running toward the blunt amendment rung toward fee funding planned parenthood. the party has moved to the right so drastically on reproductive rights. >> can he pull the wool over the eyes with these ads fool women that he is moderate mitt. >> i think it falls on those of us in the media to clarify position. >> go! >> i've been trying. i've been reading the coverage in objective media and getting
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very frustrated. they say things like president obama says that mitt romney said title 10 doesn't matter. >> i think paul ryan could be the albatross on that. i think we're going to see that mentioned more and more. >> this is not the end of that issue. this opens up a huge opportunity for women to make a difference in this election. thanks for coming in. i love having strong women at the table. telly gough and gail carmone. >> means and malarkey, sketchy deals and sour faces. sounds like a debate involving mitt romney, all right. we're going to take everything, turn it inside out and tell you what it all means. for reasons god only knows, mitt romney waded again into the auto
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bailout. the president bloodied his nose with it and i'll keep it there. my favorite moment was actually about character who showed it and who didn't. we'll be right back. that guy, put him in it. what's this? [ male announcer ] tell him he's about to find out. you're about to find out. [ male announcer ] test it. highlight the european chassis 6 speed manual, dual exhaust wide stance, clean lines have him floor it, spin it punch it, drift it put it through its paces is he happy? oh ya, he's happy! [ male announcer ] and that's how you test your car for fun. easy.
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right by those who gave their lives to for this country nearly 70 years ago. >> jennifer: 65.4million viewers watched last night as debate on television. it was down 2.3% from the first debate. huge volume of viewers. what they saw last night were the sharp contrasts between the president and mitt romney on so many levels from their temperaments to their demeanor, vision and policies. immigration reform was one such policy difference. >> romney: we're going to have to stop illegal immigration. there are 4 million people who are waiting in line to get here
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legally. those who come here illegally take their place. i will not grant amnesty to those who come here illegally. >> jennifer: this time in this debate president obama did not let romney's stop just fly by. >> obama: his plain strategy during the republican political was to say we'll knowledge self deportation making life so miserable for people that they leave. >> jennifer: it made good tv and prompted the most twitter activity during the debate. there were 7.2 million tweets during last night's debate over all. that is a lot but still 3.1 million fewer tweets than the first debate, which is odd. maybe big bird sat this won out. joining us is a man who never
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sits one out mark memlman. he advises democrats candidates cross the county. welcome. >> hi, thank you. >> jennifer: how will this play in states, will the obama campaign be able to use moments from the debate in ads, for example, to get out the latino vote? >> i think they will, and i think the latinos covered that very heavenly and they'll hear about that exchange over and over again. when romney talks about self-deportation, he tried to define it as a choice. when he talks about deportation. that's not a choice. self-deportation means encouraging people to get themselves out of this country. that is something that really is not for the community and will
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be an issue that will help drive not only latino turnout but votes to the president. that's what republicans have been doing non-stop for years now. >> jennifer: mark, obviously the latino vote key in several swing states, but the president also worked in a few of the swing states in a response about energy. let's listen to it. >> obama: i'm all for pipelines. i'm all for oil production. what i'm not for is us ignoring the other half of the equation. on wind energy when governor romney says these are imaginary jobs when you have thousands of people in iowa, working, creating wind power with good paying manufacturing jobs. >> jennifer: how much of an advantage is the renewable energy alone in those swing states like iowa and colorado and ohio? >> it's really important issue because people understand that we've got to rely on american-produced energy on one
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hand. oh, ohon the other hand they recognize one the ways to get jobs of the future is changing our energy structure. it's a job issue not just an environmental issue and it matters in both contexts in a number of these swing states. >> jennifer: another swing state issue, michigan and ohio, of course the auto industry, do you think the president was effective in coming after mitt romney on essentially again claiming credit for the idea of the bankruptcy. was it effective. >> i think it was very effective. you know this better than i do, but the reality is if mitt romney had had his way, those auto companies would have been out of business. the suppliers would have been out of business. the jobs would have been gone before they had a chance to get themselves back together. we know that. the president knew that and pointed it out very clearly. they understand that romney's position was bad for jobs in
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ohio, michigan, and bad for the american economy. >> jennifer: i think it's so funny--not funny, it's offensive and funny therefore that he would do it, weird that he would do it, that he keeps going back to the auto bailout as though it was his idea when people at least in those states know very well that he wanted to let it go bankrupt. the polls after the debate called the president the winner. those snap polls they're just a snapshot which is why they're snapshots but do they reflect what we're going to see in the traditional polls in a couple of days? >> not necessarily unfortunately, i hope they will, but the reality is there is a difference between winning the debate on one hand and people voting for you on the other. they can decide that you won the debate but not vote for you. the president first was very strong. he took some of the false vene er off of romney. that was important.
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this race, we talked about it before, when this race is about barack obama he does less well. from the first debate to this one, it has been about barack obama and his performance. after this debate the race is once again about mitt romney. when it's about mitt romney barack obama does much better. mitt romney does much less well. we hope it will be reflected in the polls, but it's certainly not automatically. >> jennifer: well, from your mouth to god's ears. of all the moments in the debate mark, which one do you think will be the one that lingers as an issue for mitt romney. >> libya should not have been important. that important. in this debate. but the reality is it will be because candy crowly faulted out mitt romney for his falsehood. it will be because the president ponded in a strong, principled way taking responsibility, but also making it clear that mitt romney was dishonest and
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disengenius, and romney stood there like a deer in the headlights when criticized. that will be remembered by many people. >> jennifer: your point about leadership is so critical. he said the buck stops here. when he took responsibility and said hillary clinton works for me. this is our administration, but then when he said that's not what we do. and that you would say that we would politicize something or we would, you know, we would not--they were covering something up, that's not what we do and to suggest it is offensive. to me that was a stellar moment of leadership for the president and woe to mitt romney if he raises this issue again in the foreign policy debate. do you think he will. >> i couldn't agree with you more. i don't think he will. i don't think he should, let's put it this way. my guess he will for the same reason he keeps raising the auto rescue. he cannot help but try and be right every time even when he's wrong. i think he's going to come back to it and try to prove this time
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that he really was right about what he said about libya, and he'll be knocked down again. >> jennifer: i think that's his achilles' heel. you are completely correct that he always has to be right. he'll keep coming at it, and he left several questions in the debate, and he has to be right. mark mellman. thank you for joining us in "the war room." up next there was a different set of values last fight night when it came to rules. he tried to follow the set of rules but mitt romney was a tad more concerned making up his own rules. >> i got to move you along. >> romney: he got the first question so i get the last answer on that one. >> actually in the follow-up if doesn't work like that. i'll give a chance. i promise you i'm going to.
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yourself. with governors granholm, spitzer, and vice president gore, watch the only truly experienced presidential debate coverage.
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>> obama: now what he says is he's going to make sure that this doesn't add to the deficit and he's going to cut middle class taxes but when he's asked how are you going to do it? which deductions, which loopholes are you going to close? he can't tell you. the fact that he only has to pay 14% on his taxes when a lot of you are paying much higher, he has already taken that off the board, capital gains are going to continue to be at a low rate. we're not going to get money that way. we haven't heard from the governor any specifics beyond big birthday and eliminating funding for planned parenthood in terms of how he pays for that.
9:25 pm
>> jennifer: that was a great moment were last night's presidential debate. why? because it highlighted one of governor romney's huge liabilities, which is his refusal to get specific about his tax plan, which is his end-all and be-all about how we're going to get the economy moving. how does he expect people to vote for him when he's unwilling, refuses to say what he will do. i find all this evasiveness incredibly frustrating. i know i'm not alone. here to discuss governor romney's facts plan and his institutions is congressman ideas is congress jerry nadler. thank you for joining us. let's talk about this tax plan he has put out. we know he wants to lower the rates by 20% right, across the board.
9:26 pm
we know that that, and you know, the capital gains tax change. >> and the state tax. >> cost about 5 trillion-dollar right? >> right. >> so that 5 trillion-dollar has to be filled some how unless he is going to increase the deficit. the whole question has been how does he select which discussions to take away. he refuses to say which ones. can you take away enough deductions to be able to fill that 5 trillion-dollar hole. >> no, you cannot. if you--the center of tax policy studied that. they said if you eliminate every deduction basically for rich people you hardly start there. you have to eliminate the mortgage tax deduction the charitable tax deduction healthcare. >> jennifer: he did say last night he would look at it a different way. he would give individuals the availability to have, like,
9:27 pm
$15,000 or $20,000 in over all deductions and you take your pick. >> the arithmetic is very simple. if you divide the population to people who make more and less than $200,000 a year, you could eliminate every deduction for everybody making more than $200,000, and you still have to go way below that and have people below $200,000 making more--i mean paying more taxes in order to pay for those tax cuts. because people above $200,000 especially people above million dollars will be paying less taxes. if you have the same revenue it can only be made up by people paying more taxes below $200,000. >> jennifer: what the heck? he has the i'm the ceo. i can do this, right? in fact, i'm going to have you play--i would like to have you listen to a sound byte being a ceo, saying of course it adds
9:28 pm
up. >> romney: i was someone who ran businesses for 25 years and balanced the budget. i ran the olympics and balanced the budget. i ran the state of massachusetts as a governor to the extent that any governor does and balanced the budget all four years. >> jennifer: therefore, you don't need to ask him those kinds of questions. just trust him. >> well, i would certainly want to know when he was governor of massachusetts why massachusetts was 47th in job creation for one thing. his policies didn't work. i don't care if he has balanced budgets in private businesses, three of the worst president he had, hoover, harding and coolidge who brought about the great depression. >> jennifer: second bush. >> they were all in private enterprise. they were all in private business. it doesn't necessarily translate. fdr, who got us out of the great depression who was a great president economically had never
9:29 pm
run a private business. those are probably separate skills. anyone running for president or congress or anything have got to say what's your plan? when someone comes out with a plan that doesn't add up mathematically, you got to say there is a problem here. what is his job's plan? we're going to balance the budget and therefore create jobs. >> jennifer: well, he does say energy and all of the above strategy on energy. >> but let's look at that. even assuming--first of all it's not above it's coal and oil right. >> but let's assume it's an intelligent energy policy, it isn't, but let's assume it is. first of all that would take ten years minimum. second of all energy independence is a good thing for a lot of different reasons but it's not a job creator. >> jennifer: unless renewables, building wind turbines. >> but the energy independence--the work of doing that.
9:30 pm
>> jennifer: absolutely. >> investments and infrastructure, the infrastructure being roads and highways and bridges and railroads or renewables or whatever. investments that put people to work or schools or hospitals those things put people to work. those are worth while investments, they do generate jobs. but just saying you're energy independent doesn't generate jobs, nor does it lower the cost of gasoline because the cost of gasoline is set at the world market. we only generate 2% of the world's energy. we consume 25% of it. if we generated 5% of the world's energy we're still in the world market. >> jennifer: the narrative that the president should tell quickly in 15 seconds. >> the narrative the president should tell is when we he took office we were loseing the hundred thousand jobs a month.
9:31 pm
we passed the recovery act saved the auto industry, and within 14 months worship gaining 250,000 jobs. turn around with a million jobs a month. the president knew to keep that recovering going we needed more. he had the investments that the republicans refused to pass, and that's why refuseing to keep the stimulus going is why the recovery is going less robustly than a year and a half ago. >> jennifer: it's a simple story. >> and a true story. >> jennifer: congressman jerry nadler, thank you for joining us in "the war room." up next, lieying is not romney's achilles' heel the truth is. illinois governor pat quinn is joining us to talk about the debate and much more. that's next. we will be right back. current tv presents special event coverage of the presidential debate.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> jennifer: there is news tonight on a story we've been covering here on "the war room" that concerns the layoffs at a plant in illinois. the bain-owned company that is planning to ship 170 jobs to china. workers at that plant who actually italy have been forced to train their chinese replacements, they've been appeal to go mitt romney tober convenient, and--tober--to intervene and so far he hasn't. they've received their severance
9:36 pm
panel, and it has become central to this campaign. last night the president threw mitt romney right in the middle of it. >> obama: when he talks about getting tough on china yeah, keep in mind that governor romney invested in companies that were pioneers of outsourcing to china and currently is investing in companies that are building surveillance equipment for china to spy on its own folks. governor you're the last person who is going to get tough on china. >> jennifer: it's not just that romney has personal investments in companies that outsource but his tax plan and his party's actions actually encourage companies to do so. earlier this year congress considered the "bring jobs home" act which would give companies incentives to hire workers they're instead of overseas. here is pat quinn pushing for that bill in july.
9:37 pm
>> we're not going to use the tax code of the united states of america to allow these companies to outsource jobs, ship them overseas. then they get to take tax deductions and tax breaks on their plant equipment workers. we the taxpayers are basically subsidizing the outsourcing of our jobs from america. this is wrong. >> jennifer: governor quinn in that clip is standing in front of the plant in freeport, illinois. it may be wrong but senate republicans supported the problem by blocking the bill in a 56-42 vote. joining me now from chicago is the governor of the great state of illinois, pat quinn. governor i'm so glad that you're with me here in "the war room." >> good to see you. you're looking good. we miss you in the midwest. you're a great governor of michigan, and you're doing a great job now. >> jennifer: oh, i miss the
9:38 pm
great lakes. anyway i could wax on but let me continue on this. how desperate is the situation of freeport? >> well, i think anybody who is a worker and who was raised in a family is sympathetic to the workers. there are 170 good men and women, many of them who have worked there decades. dot turner started there at 18 or 19 years old. she's 61, and they're forced to train the chinese workers who are going to take their jobs. this is a successful company in freeport illinois. the home of one of the lincoln-douglas debates. i really feel that the people of freeport, the people of illinois the people of america are on the side of these 170 workers. these are good american workers. to let the tax code of our country be used to help subsidize the export of jobs to china is not only wrong but just plane unamerican.
9:39 pm
>> jennifer: i agree with you. do you think the president was effective using romney's bain record if. >> we should point out its bain capital. freeport is being called bain bain-port right now. a lot of good people are coming over to support the workers including our president president obama who understands that we need to bring the jobs home act passed right now in america. we should stop this tax subsidies of america shipping jobs overseas. i thought the president did a very good job cutting the difference between his policies and that of romney. it was a great debate. i think the people of illinois and the people of america were very proud of our president. >> jennifer: i agree with you. one of mitt romney's economic plans is to balance the budget, as it should be, but he always talks about big government. when he seems to think all democrats are about big government you've actuallien taking on big entitlements like
9:40 pm
pensions. have you been able to save taxpayer dollars with the reforms you've been able to implement? >> we have proposals. we haven't passed them yet jennifer. our deadline is january 9th of next year, the end of the legislative session that we're in. i think we'll an able to accomplish big things. we're having to do reform on current employees very hard. we want to make sure that everybody has a decent pension, good retirement, we also have to investment in early childhood education, k through 12, scholarships for worthy students who need financial help to go to college. there are important issues of investments in the next generation that president obama talked about. he also talked about the importance of high speed rail right here in the midwest. you're one of our champions when governor of mitch you led the effort for that here. right now in illinois i'm going to be on friday with ray
9:41 pm
lahood our transportation secretary. we're going on a trip from jolliet, illinois on high speed rail. it's quite exciting and something we need to build all over our country. >> jennifer: building the infrastructure is one of the president's blocks in his five-point plan. he wants to make sure that we have human infrastructure as well as physical infrastructure. pat, what do you think--if you had to pick a moment last night in the debate that was your favorite, what would you say? >> well, i had a chance to meet lily ledbetter. she came to chicago what a great woman. she was really cheated out of a fair wage. she fought and fought and ultimately the supreme court said she couldn't litigate her case but it took congress to pass a law the very first law that president obama signed to make sure that she would get justice, and people like her. i thought romney had no answer for when the president said,
9:42 pm
what about equal pay for equal work? that's a fundamental american principle. i think that was one of the parties of the debate that showed the difference between the candidates. >> jennifer: i do, too. especially since he didn't answer the question, and can't seem to answer the question. one of the points that i liked the most was when the president said that the buck stops here on that libya situation. you are an executive and as you know as governor you have stuff happening in your departments all the time that you're not aware of. you may have a department somebody engaged in something that has got some wrongdoing. but it's important for an executivesexecutive, the chief executive to take full responsibilities for your office's actions. do you think that the president put that question to rest by taking full responsibility? >> yes, i do. i think amen to what you just said. when you're commander in chief of our united states military
9:43 pm
and as governor you're commander in chief of the national guard everything you're accountable for. were president obama understands that fundamental principle. i think he said to governor romney it was offensive to try to politicize something like that, and the people of america understand that. we have a good commander in chief who fights hard for our troops. if there is any kind of mistake or something that doesn't go the right way the commander in chief finds out and does something about it. >> jennifer: all right we're going to take a quick break governor quinn, you're going to stay right there. we'll have more with you right after the break. stay tune.
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9:47 pm
about gun control. both said we need to enforce the guns on the books and then jumped over to talk about violence. what do you think needs to be done to decrease violence in big cities like chicago. i know you're not the mayor of chicago, but just to take off on what they started. >> we need to end the silence on the violence. we had a very violent summer in chicago, an epidemic of violence. we need to do something about that. as a matter of fact, one of our citizens of illinois were in colorado, and was murder there had. he leaned over to save his girlfriend's life. he was a sailor in the united states navy. i went to his wake, and shortly thereafter i proposed a bill in illinois to ban assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines that go with that. that be voted on november in illinois.
9:48 pm
i think it's important that we deal with this issue. president obama did bring up the subject of banning assault weapons. romney dodged that issue all together but we have to deal with that so we don't have gang bangers in chicago or any other city armed with military rifles shooting down people whether it's in a movie theater or anywhere else. so it's important that we enact that law. >> jennifer: well, i think one of the most fascinating parts of the debate last night was actually in the first debate you had romney and the obama families that were interacting after the debate was over, and this time there wasn't any--any of that. do you think there was some really interesting dynamics. so many personal dynamics in this debate last night that were fascinating, including romney and obama sort of circling one another on the set alfa male
9:49 pm
sort of thing romney interrupting all of that. do you think the personal physical stuff is something that people will remember almost more than the substance? >> well, there is no question that was a debate to be remembered for all time. it was quite bit different from the kennedy-nixon debate in chicago back in 1960. i've known president obama for a long time. he's perfect gentleman and always is. in that first debate he was gentlemanly when he was interrupted over and over again by romney. in this debate i understood if he was going to be interrupted or if romney was going to try to talk over him then he had to defend himself. he did that. i think the people of our country saw both candidates very clearly. there are clearly differences in philosophy and approach, and i think our president is the one to go with. >> jennifer: the interesting thing, in the way that it closed out last night, president obama
9:50 pm
had a real opportunity because mitt romney raised the issue of the 100% in his closing last night. >> yep. >> jennifer: he said the following. let's take a listen to it. >> obama: i believe governor romney is a good man. he loves his family, cares about his faith. but i also believe when he said behind closed doors that 47% of the country considered themselves victims who refused personal responsibility, think about who he was talking about. and i want to fight for them. that's what i've been doing for the last four years. if they succeed, i believe the country succeeds. >> jennifer: admit it, you were happy he finally said the 47% right? >> absolutely. everybody in, nobody left out. we don't want anybody left out. the president also pointed out that a lot of our veterans, a lot of our service members oftentimes a modest income, and their families are of modest
9:51 pm
income. they may be paying payroll tax gas taxes they may not have a big income and they may not pay a lot of income tax, but they're the heart and soul of america. >> jennifer: a man who channels what people are feeling out there, thank you so much, governor quinn, for joining us inside "the war room." governor of the great state of illinois. up next, brett erlich proves once and for all that there is no one better at capitalizing on mitt romney's mistakes. >> coming up mitt romney mentioning his binder full of women may have hurt his campaign but it hurt my side business. don't go away. >>"if you ever raise taxes on >>the rich, you're going to destroy our economy." not true!
9:52 pm
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>>the bottom line is we need an amendment. >>now it's your turn. connect with "the war room" jennifer granholm. >>it's a call to arms. make your voice heard. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> jennifer: so for our mitt moment tonight we noticed a verbal tick of the former massachusetts governor last night. see if you can pick up on it. >> romney: and i know what it takes to make an economy work. i know how to make that happen. rom. >> romney: i know what it takes. >> romney: i know what it takes. >> romney: i know what it takes. >> romney: i know what an working economy looks like. >> jennifer: he's too busy running for president to tell us folks exactly what it takes to balance his tax plan.
9:55 pm
this are a lot of theories as to where mitt romney got his binder full of women and this is one of them. so shh brett's talking now. >> are you having trouble filling your employee rolls with non-white non-men who are non-members of your yacht club. come down and vote at the office supply and your problems will magically fade away. mitt romney made us popular for our number one seller, binders full of women. we have tons of them. three ring and five ring because women love rings am i right ladies. and we polish gem because that's how you apologize to them when you refer to them as binders. are women not the problem? we also have composition books full of african-americans complete with translation guide so you can understand just what
9:56 pm
this whole hip-hop thing is. i think it's this dance. hip-hop. call now and i'll throw in a stino pull of latinos. your pollos numbers will go ariba. and we got caucasian calendars and envelopes of asians. this manila folder? i'll just hold them all up. we have manila folders literally full of people from manila. and we have post its full of puerto rico. come down to our voting bloc office supply. just what the hell avenue. toot toot. >> jennifer: it is official. brett erlich is out of his mind. someone is always in our war room. check us out online at room. that's where you can link up to our twitter and facebook page
9:57 pm
and check out our exclusive web extras. you all, thank you so much for joining us here in "the war room" from new york, and i hope you have a great night. go tigers. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> romney: mr. president, have you looked at your pension? >> i don't look at your pension. it's not as big as yours. it wouldn't take as long. >> cenk: damn, and did mitt romney get frazzled when things didn't go his way? >> romney: how much did you cut licenses and permits on federal lands and federal waters. >> obama: governor romney, this is what we did. >> romney: i asked you a question, how much did you cut that by. >> cenk: guess who is here to
9:58 pm
9:59 pm

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